I was invited to present an overview of the BlueWiki project as part of a panel discussion of DITA and Wikis at the Central Texas DITA Users Group last night. Since its a DITA group I was thinking I’d be going pretty deep on the DITA integration aspects of the project. As it turns out, the discussion went all over the social computing map. From a business as usual point of view, wikis certainly are provocative. Especially to a bunch of information development professionals used to working with highly structured CMSs and business processes. Thanks very much to Anne Gentle for hosting the event (and doing all the behind the scenes coordination too). It was a lively meeting and I plan on being there for the second half of the two part topic next month.


First Entry

August 30, 2007

My name is Chris Almond. I live in Austin Texas, where I spend pretty much all my time paying attention to my family, my house, and my job. I work for IBM Corporation.

This is my WordPress blog. There won’t be much to see here until I find the right work/life balance to make time for blogging.

I love to read good blogs. And I like to blog myself when I have something to share that I think might be interesting to others (so far this is happening only sporadically on my company internal blog).

More to come…